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Blepharitis Treatment : What is Blepharitis and what is the most recommended Blepharitis Treatment?

Have you been experiencing watery eyes, red eyes, a gritty and burning sensation in the eye, eyelids look greasy, Itchy eyelids, red and swollen eyelids, flaking of the skin around the eyes, crusted eyelashes upon awakening, sensitivity to light, abnormal growth of eyelashes and loss of eyelashes? If you have been experiencing these symptoms, then you may already have Blepharitis. This chronic condition is a common inflammation that affects the eyelids and usually involves the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow. It actually has two forms namely Anterior Blepharitis, which affects the outside front of the eyelids where eyelashes are attached, and the Posterior Blepharitis which is usually related to meibomian glands dysfunction within the eyelids. Though there are cases that one would experience both type yet they differ at some degree. Either way, it is not really a serious condition since sight is rarely affected. In order not to suffer any longer from this eye problem, one must be given Blepharitis Treatment as soon as possible.

Every eye problem has its origins and this holds true with Blepharitis as well. This eye condition may start from various sources but to identify these causes will help us understand further and make preventive measure against it. To name a few, Blepharitis is caused by Seborrheic dermatitis, a bacterial infection, Malfunctioning oil glands in your eyelid, Rosacea, Allergies to eye medications, Allergy to the use of contact lens, Irritations to solutions or eye makeup, Eyelash mites, and possibly a combination of the stated causes.

Such eye condition may require long term care and if no Blepharitis Treatment has been given, this can lead to other eye conditions such as:
Eye Stye

It is a painful inflammation on the outside of the eyelid and is an eye infection caused by the obstructed openings of the oil glands in the eyelids.

Eyelash problems

Long term Blepharitis will cause eyelashed to fall out.


It is a gain sized tumor in the eyelid due to the inflammation of the meibomian gland. Chances are, this will also lead to astigmatism.

Dry Eye Syndrome

With insufficient tears to keep the eyes moist or if its quality is degraded will cause irritation and redness in that eyes.

Blepharitis is a chronic condition thus it may need a long term care. If no Blepharitis Treatment is being done, then chances are that the different potential complications may be experience. With this, Eye-press™ is the best recommended
Blepharitis Treatment because it is specifically designed to provide gentle, consistent, steady-state heat to the eyelids. This application of warm compresses together with a hypo-allergenic baby shampoo formula will help clean the eyelid margins thus preventing the recurrence of the Blepharitis. As soon as the symptoms of Blepharitismanifests, it is recommended to use the Eye-press™ as many as three times daily.

In conclusion, the stated symptoms of Blepharitis have been stated to check if one has it. Also having to identify what Blepharitis is, the types, causes and possible problem if left untreated were stated. Moreover, Eye-press™ has been recommended to help treat this condition