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Ophthalmologist-Designed and Tested for Sties/Chalazia, Eye irritation/Blepharitis, Dry Eyes, Eye pain, & Conjunctivitis (“Pink-Eye”)

For generations, the application of warm compresses to the eyes has been know to help relieve the symptoms and even permanently treat a variety of conditions that affect the eyes/eyelids. Until now, this exercise has consisted of people applying hot tea-bags, warmed up potatoes/eggs, hot spoons, and microwave-heated products to their eyes. For the first time in history, there is now a logical, hygienic, and convenient means to achieve the best outcomes for people who suffer from such common conditions. Eye-press™ addresses all of these issues in one convenient, hygienic package: It combines a simple, natural, self-heating chemical reactor that provides steady-state heat to the eyelids at a set temperature that will not harm the delicate eyelid skin, and a soft, lint-free, medical-grade wipe material that is pre-moistened with a hypo-allergenic baby shampoo and lavender extract that cleans the eyelids and soothes irritated eyes. The device is also equipped with a patented butterfly handle that will make it easy for the user to massage his/her affected eyelid(s) with the product to gently wash off the bacteria residing on the eyelashes and help unclog the oily eyelid pores (meibomian glands) and help resolve sties or chalazia, along with many other conditions. There is finally a convenient, hygienic product that makes applying heat to the eyelids a standard exercise, and by naturally controlling the maximum temperature and duration of the heat reaction, a safe alternative to the usual tea-bags and hot towels that are so commonly prescribed by eye-care professionals around the world.

Learn how Eye-Press is the first product of its kind available to consumers.

The application of warm compresses to the eyelids has been recognized as the “mainstay of treatment” for a great number of extremely common eye conditions (e.g., Sties, Chalazia, Blepharitis). The practice of applying warm compresses to the lids, and washing the eyelashes with baby shampoo has been supported by a multitude of scientific studies to be the most effective treatment toward these conditions. Eye-presses are self-heating, reusable warm compresses that have been specifically designed for use on the eyes.
Eye-Press featured at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Convention in Las Vegas 2015
Eye-Press featured at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Convention in Las Vegas 2015 Eye-Press featured at the Vision Expo Convention in New York City 2016