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The first product of its kind, Eye-PressTM provides hypo-allergenic and temperature-controlled heat to the eye and eyelid as a convenient way to diminish styes and other conditions. There is no other product that can compete when it comes to an eye-press that works so effectively and is also so easy to use. It is unique in that it is a stand-alone product that is designed to help alleviate everything from dry eyes to chalazion to pink eye. While there are other products on the market that may attempt to settle you symptoms, there is no other item that offers this kind of treatment.

Sold at Rite Aid stores around the country, feel free to pick up the product today and see the benefits for yourself. Additionally, they are coming to WalMart optical shops soon and can be ordered online. If you prefer we can also help you order over the phone, as well as answer any additional questions you might have.



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