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Posted on January 1, 2015, 7:53 PM PDT


Pink eye treatment helps you to get relieve from the symptoms of this ailment and recover with any complications and problems. Timely care is essential to stymie this problem before it gets any worse. An important first step in this regard is to identify signs and symptoms which signal the onset of this problem. The sooner you recognise this condition, the faster you will be able to get proper care and attention and the easier will your recovery be. Learn to recognise danger flags:
    • This is characterised by redness, itching, irritation, watery discharge, swelling and blurry vision. If these do not go away in a couple of days, then you should seek medical attention at the earliest.
    • There is substantial pain in one or both eyes, accompanied by increased sensitivity to light.
    • Many people complain of persistent headaches.
    • Your contact lenses start feeling uncomfortable and cause a lot of redness and irritation.
  Learn effective remedies and steps for Pink eye treatment:
    • Keep your eyes clean at all times. This will prevent the infection from getting worse. Also, it will protect others from contracting this from you.
    • Wash your towels, bedclothes and handkerchiefs regularly. Do not share them with anyone.
    • Applying compresses will help to minimise swelling, clear the blockage and provide relief.
    • Do not use eye makeup during this time. In fact, it is advisable to discard all makeup products, because they may be contaminated and reusing them might lead to a relapse.
    • Stop using contact lenses until your doctor will say that it is safe to do so once again. Keep your lenses clean at all times.
    • The doctor will prescribe antibiotics and antiseptic solutions to provide you relief. Take care to use them regularly and as per directions. But be careful not to touch the dropper to your eyes or with your fingers. This will minimise the spread of infections.
    • If your doctor feels that an allergy may be responsible for your problem, he will prescribe anti-allergy medications to combat itching and irritation.
    • Protect your eyes from stress and strain. Do not go into the sun without wearing shades. Avoid bright lights, reduce the time spent on computers, watching television and in reading. Take plenty of rest to initiate recovery and healing.
    • Initially, you can take anti allergy medications to see if they can control the symptoms. If this appears ineffective, then contact your doctor before trying out anything else.
    • If this condition develops in a child or infant, then do not rely on home treatment, but seek medical advice immediately. Do not let them go to school or to play in dust and dirt until their symptoms clear up completely.
    • During the course of infection, thoroughly clean your spectacles and shades. They can carry infection and cause problems later on.
  Pink eye treatmenthelps in controlling the symptoms and in destroying symptoms. In many cases, the symptoms resolve in due course. However, if they persist or recur frequently, then you need to seek a doctor’s help before your vision sustains permanent damage.